Waltham International College is an alternative provider of further (FE) and higher education (HE) programmes, situated in Barking. WIC (founded in 2010) provides both real-life vocational education and academic study courses for students aged 19+.The college also offers fully funded programmes and apprenticeships programmes. We integrate the talents of our students with their personal visions and aspirations to support them in becoming the authors of their own success.

Our Location

WIC is currently based in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Essex. It however is located within reach of other neighbouring boroughs in Essex and East London. Barking and Dagenham is a high growth area, with an increasing demand for skills and education. This growth mirrors a number of Boroughs within Greater London.

We believe that we have a role to play in the economic development of the local Borough of Barking and Dagenham, the surrounding areas and also greater London. Barking and the surrounding local areas has skills development as one of its primary objectives.

The College is currently at the growth stage of its life cycle, which aligns with the growing trend in the local area and certain economic elements of Greater London.

Stakeholders/Partner links

WIC has close links with the local council, which is represented on its Board of Governors. We actively participate in the economic development activities in the local area. We also invite Local Community leaders to participate at our key events such as Student Induction/Open Days. It is through such relations that the college intends to build an understanding of the skills and needs of the local community and further more to ensure that these are integrated in its future programmes.

We have well established links with employers across many industries and business sectors, which ensures that we deliver the qualifications that are most suited for our student, and provide them with the skills and experiences essential for a successful career.

College Environment

Here at WIC, we offer a welcoming environment and fantastic support to ensure every student achieves their full potential. We have a range of extensive facilities for all our study programmes i.e. modern teaching resources, access to online library and IT facilities are available for students to access 24/7.

Academics / Staff

Our lecturers are enthusiastic and dedicated. They offer excellent teaching and one-to-one support, representing fantastic value for money. They also have extensive business and industry experience.

WIC Governance and Management

We here at WIC are determined to ensure that we demonstrate effective governance and management practices in everything we do. These practices are based on the principles of transparency, accountability, continuous improvement and providing value for money to the college’s students, funding agencies as well as all other stakeholders.

Support for All Students

Majority of our students are mature students, who have had a long break from education in order to work, for child care and other personal reasons and mostly fit the Widening Participation profile: i.e. they are from disadvantaged backgrounds, are or have been in low paid jobs, have caring and other responsibilities, and are mostly migrants and from ethnic minorities.

Our flexible opening times, include evening and weekend classes in addition to the use e-learning methods make it possible for individuals to pursue their education with us regardless of their circumstances.